The worlds finest adjustable tower launch pad. Precision engineered and quality manufactured, fully adjustable, ground support art. Suitable for rockets from 38mm to 300mm in diameter and up to 20kg. 2.5m of truss type guides are quickly adjustable via a speed handle. Suitable for hybrids!

Add some goodies to your towerlauncher. This list will contine to expand with our wild imagination. For now—get a rail adapter for your tower base, Teflon guides, and a video camera mount...

Machinists, craftsmen, gurus of metal...get the engineering documents required to build your own tower launch pad! Designed in Solidworks, we have plan-sets in many different formats. Download CAD files online or order a set of good old fashioned velum prints.

More launch pads, Precision theodilite trackers, vertical gyroscope guidance, transmitted video payloads, and even complete professional rocket vehicles are on the drawing board. Vote for the next one to be developed...

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