The TowerLauncher. Precision designed and quality manufactured for a lifetime of reliable launches without the drag of launch lugs!
Launch Rail adapter. Towers are great, however if you still have rockets with rail buttons already installed, we have an answer. Get the most out of your tower and add a full 2.5m section of 80/20 launch rail to your tower launcher. Use an existing TowerLauncher gude-truss and clamp on this accessory to round out you launch capabilities.

Rocket Stand-off Clamp. Set your rocket above all others and anywhere in between and get a precision stand-off for your TowerLauncher. Fully adjustable, this alluminum and steel assembly is quick to set up and designed to last a lifetime.
Teflon Rail Guides. Coming soon. We are working closely with a plastics shop to develop a cost effective solution. ETA: 4 weeks.
Video Camera Mount. Coming soon. A fully adjustable "arm" locates your video camera right in the action to capture liftoff like you have never seen it before. Includes a clear blast shield.