The TowerLauncher. Precision designed and quality manufactured for a lifetime of reliable launches without the drag of launch lugs!
Jig-welded aluminum "truss" type guides provide rapid rocket loading and infinite adjustment from 38 to 300mm diameter rockets.
Precision machined baseplate is a heavy-duty 1/2" 6061 aluminum, hard anodized for durability. A stainless steel blast deflector angles the exhaust jet away from the ground.
Optional angle adjustment crank! A pivoting brass nut provides a smooth adjustment throught the 8° of launch angle adjustment.
Molded handle wing-nuts allow secure locking of baseplate at desired angle.

Sholder-screw pivot on front end of base plate allows a full tilt to 90° from the vertical for a traditional "front loading" of the tower.

Plan view of tower showing overall dimension.
Dimensions of baseplate.
Top view of TowerLauncher.